Saturday, December 30, 2017

Christmas Traditions part 2 Light Tour

Another tradition we have is driving through town looking at lights.

There are some beautiful homes with lovely displays.

This one is so cool.  I only got a small amount.  It is totally synced with music and there is a sign telling you to tune to a radio station and you can hear it.  There is a full size Santa inside that is working. 

Some are just simple.  I love white lights!

I am sorry this one doesn't show up well.  It is those new fancy lights that are projected onto the house.  

Simple but pretty.

My favorites are white lights but sometimes multi colors make a 
beautiful statement.

A train filled with gifts.  So cute!

More beautiful white.

Love this one!  I am a sucker for dogs!

And one more!  But that's not all.  I did my own little light 
display to start a new tradition . . . 

Happy New Year!
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