Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year -A Few Plans -Word of the Year

 Hello and Welcome 

Today I am sharing  one of the books I saved from my days teaching PreSchool. 

This morning I was surprised when I saw one of my past students turned 9! They grow so fast.  I taught him when he was 2! 

Opps . . . 

. . . That was a Rabbit  Trail!

I do enjoy this book and I will be sharing  it this year. 

I have been waiting for today to share with you my . . .

Word of the Year

I choose to keep things Simple this year.  

I will be writing more on that as the days go by.   

To keep things Simple I will be doing less book reviews.  Less promotions.  

And focusing on Me . . . 

I need to feel Beauty again.  And give Beauty . . .  

This year I hope to be intentional  about my Bible Study and I will be using my calendar and planner for the purpose. 

I am planning on be more in prayer for my friends, lived ones and the Author friends that I promote. 



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