Wednesday, January 26, 2022

No Tea Today! Sharing My Ta Da Moment

 Welcome and Good Morning 

Still in the mood for Hot Chocolate.

Today I am sipping and looking around at my sewing space!  

I didn't get alot done on my quilt yesterday but today maybe the day I am able to  whiz through it.  I sure hope so so!  

Keeping this one small. LOL.

The vacuum is still out from this morning.    Domino is in here most of the time.  I have to fight her for the chair! 

I still have some boxes to go through.  One is residing at the moment under my sewing table. 

See the quilt waiting to be stitched! 

Always happy to be by my feet! 

And so my Ta Da Moment today is getting my space more usable my and presentable.  

It's getting there!  

Enjoy your day.  I hope you have a 
Ta Da Moment! 

And keeping it Simple

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