Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Tuesday Tea Time-My Days Plans

 Good Morning 

Today I am enjoying a mug of Hot Chocolate.   

I was delighted when I opened my book of poems and found  this fun picture . . . 

I am a little  nostalgic  this morning.   This little  snow scene brought back many memories  of our kids playing with the neighbors and sledding down our driveway.  

I served lots of mugs to warm them up when they came in from playing. 

I chose a Snowman mug today from my mini Hot Chocolate bar . . .

I said good bye to Santa and added a few glittery snow candles and Snowmen. 
I thought I would sit by my crafting table and think about my plans for the day . . .

My Washi Tape is out ready for my project.  
And a tiny little  Snowman to keep me company . . . 

My glue and a little Glitter all ready for when I have a moment to play.  

Once I finish  my To Do List I'll  spend a bit of time creating  something fun . . .

 My To Do List

Doctor  Appointment  for Cowboy 

Turn in Application for Medical Financial Aid

Pick up produce at store by hospital 

Drive by 2 apartments to consider.  1 is a long shot it is on the Seawall!  I hope it is the one! 

Grab a bite of lunch and picnic on the Seawall 

Walk dogs

And . . .
Play with Glitter and glue

Enjoy your day!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Playing with glitter and glue is always fun! I haven't done anything crafty in so long that I miss it!