Monday, December 27, 2021

Making A Home in Texas...My Weeks Plans


My new weekly  feature  includes my plans.  My menu for the week.  And a little this/that . . . 

The weather 

Did you know we moved to Galveston Island?  It is a beautiful  paradise!  I wear shorts and a tank top everday. 

It cools down  a bit when it rains but so far it's been  gorgeous weather!

A special Christmas  picture 

My new Hot Chocolate  shelf.  I didn't  get to post this pic earlier.   In fact it has been  to hot for Hot Chocolate!

My To Do List 

Laundry today and a few groceries 

Organizing the craft space so I can start sewing 

Make quilts/rugs for dogs 

Set table for New Years  Eve 

Write Blog Posts

My Ta Da Moment 

It was a little late but I managed  to get lights on the tree that I put on porch.  Getting the lights on was a challenge but I managed  it 

. . . I  am learning  to do many things on my own

A few plans for the blog/ New Year 

A sewing quilting post ever week

Post on the holiday blog 

Invite guest posts for Tea Time Tuesday 

Keep the Fabulous  Party going

Link at blog parties 

Menu plans this week 


Alfredo, Salad and Garlic Bread hopefully  I can pick Chicken  or Shrimp when I go to grocery store


Trying  new recipe Mexican Chicken & Rice 



Bar B Que  Chicken,  Cole Slaw, Deviled Eggs


Chili Cheese Hasselbeck  Potatoes 


New Years Eve

Charcuterie  Board  with Black Eye Pea Caviar, Mustard Greens and Chocolate  for dessert


Vegetable Fritata & Salad 

In my crafting  space

Lots of sewing.  I have been missing  a sewing machine.  Thank you Santa! 

Sewing quilts.  Making embellishments for Junk Journals.   

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