Monday, December 13, 2021

My Day Today-My Weeks Plans


Here's a giggle.  A chicken in a hat.  

We could have used a crochet hat over the weekend.  Had a couple of cold days.  

But it is beautiful this morning and I am on the porch listening to a few rain drops.  It's just mostly dripping from the roof now. 

I already moved my sick Basil.  And sad Rosemary out to my little  patio table for a bit of rain and be some sun. 

I will be moving a few more plants around when I finish my post. 

I hope to move my table to the porch to enjoy it more. 

Here are my prompts for the week. My prompts will change each week with what's on my mind and my mood. 

In the kitchen . . .

This week I am not including a menu.  I have no real plans.  The Cowboy is recovering from knee replacement surgery. 

I do plan to offer a Trout Filet, Green Beans and Scalloped Potatoes tonight. 

I will fry some Yellow Squash for my plate and add a Salad. 

I don't really care for Fish.  It's not that I don't like it.  I would just rather have veggies.  

Around the house . . .

Christmas everywhere I turn! 

Christmas makes me smile. 

Come by tomorrow for a peek

I am hoping to . . . 

Spend some time crafting this week

Spend mornings on the porch enjoying my flowers and a gardening book  

Move my little patio table to the porch to enjoy the mornings with a cup of area and my gardening books.

Get my Christmas Dinner Table set

Is it too early? 

Buy a Ham Wednesday when I do the monthly 'Big' shop 

The To Do List 

A short list of two most important things . . . 

On Tuesday call our grand daughter for her Birthday

#1 Buy presents for grands and get mailed 

Waiting for counting down the days . . . 

5 weeks when the Cowboy is cleared to drive again! 

It's selfish of me I know but ...

...last week when we went to the hospital I found a Hobby Lobby!  It is on the highway going to Houston. Super busy traffic.  Driving the highway makes me super anxious now a days. 

We are planning a day to go shopping and hopefully eat Chinese for lunch in League City. 

Bummer no decent Chinese on Island.  Only 2 places and bad reviews! 

Something fun to share . . .

The Fabulous Party . . .

Did you know I host a blog party every week? 

I hope you will add the party to your list!  

Click Here to add your links! 

Over at my book blog . . . 

I am planning my Favorites of the year post.  

Here's a sneek peek of the 

Best New to me Series of the Year 

I can't wait to back track and read more in this series!  Click Here

I chose my Word For 2022 . . . 

This year my word was Sparkle. In February I added Anyway.  I needed to remind myself that I needed to Sparkle.  

I hope you feel a little Sparkle when you visit me. 

For 2022 I have chosen Simplicity.

I will be on a Journey in the New Year to make things 


And maybe do a bit of this . . . 

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