Friday, December 24, 2021

A Christmas Tradition and Our Free Porch Tree


 Merry Christmas  Eve  

Today I am sharing  a tradition I read about on facebook . . . 

You all know our home is filled with Santa's!  This is one of my favorites.   It is a puzzle the Cowboy  bought me a few years ago.  

I am a quilter and I love puzzles and Santa.  

Unfortunately  I didn't  get to hang it this year.  I normally lean him against the wall on one of my mantels.  The frame has glass and not a good hanger.  I am on the look out for a better frame.  We did not bring the vintage mantle

The tradition I wanted to share is . . . 

Purchase a puzzle for the family. 

Don't  wrap

Open the puzzle and find the edges and give them to the family on Dec.  1

Don't  let them see the box!

Each following day give them a good hand full of pieces.  

See how many days it takes to finish the puzzle! 

This is the original fb post . . .

Our Christmas tradition. I started this with my kids in 1995, when we moved to a new town and knew no one. I bought a jigsaw puzzle and gave them pieces every day from Dec 1 - 25. They never got to see the box until it was done, And they finished it on Christmas Day. We have done it EVERY year since, but it's gotten a lot more complicated as they have gotten older. Our youngest just turned 18 and she and her brother are the only ones left here to work on it, but they still want to do it every year. The first year we had a 100-piece puzzle. This year, I mixed 2 puzzles!

We were Blessed  this year to receive  a Free Live Christmas  Tree . . . 
We had limited  space on the truck when we moved.  I gave away the trees . . . 

We had plans to replace them.  There is not a Hobby Lobby  on the island.   We couldn't  find an affordable  tree.

I saw a post on fb last week.  A store was giving away a decorated tree.  I was the only one who commented. 

It was so big we really  didn't  have room so I put it on the porch.  It is pretty.  The neighbors  enjoy it!  

A Christmas  surprise for us!
Merry Christmas