Tuesday, December 14, 2021

A Mini Home Tour-Ho Ho Ho

 No Tea today!  Too much Merry and Jolly.

Starting at the front door . . .

 Our little beach bungalow is filled with Santa's, Reindeer and Moose's.   Lots of sun here.  Ready with the  shades! 
I love our huge stocking.  The Cowboy found it a few years ago at a thrift shop. I miss those days he was always finding treasures. 
Our door is metal so the stocking is held up by magnets.  

Step inside and you'll be greeted by a few friends . . .

Lola must be having quite the conversation.   

Let's step into the morning room (space) 

By my chair is Mother's sewing machine cabinet.   I enjoy favorite pictures as I sit in my chair sippin Tea or Dr. Pepper in the mornin . . . 
He grew up so fast!   Through the years the dogs always had photos with Santa. 
Sitting just between the photos is a foam Gingerbread House my grandson made . . . 
I took it apart to pack since we were moving.  Boy it was hard to put back together! 

Since we are in a tiny space I have to be creative.  I love my pedestal servers and had to bring them. 
This one is perfect to hold Santa in his sleigh. 
 It is pretty at night when it is lit and Santa is flying.    

I searched and found a photo from a previous Christmas to share . . . 

This is on of my favorites of all time!     

I hope you'll come by tomorrow as ai share a Cruisin' Galveston post! 

Merry Christmas

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