Saturday, September 29, 2018

Happy Homemaker In Texas

Welcome to My Happy Homemaker Post
This party is hosted by Sandra.  She provides prompts.
But I add a few of my own.

The weather
Pretty much the same.  Rain, clouds some thunderstorms.  We have had a lot of rain in the last few weeks.  I have to make sure not leave standing water in pots because we are getting Mosquito's.  Ick!

On my reading pile
Pretty much the same as last week.  I am always adding to my pile.
I had the thought last week to see what I could find at my library to 'listen' to.  I had a review offer on a book recently and I got the
Audible copy.  I loved it!  
Murder by Perfection (A Thorny Rose Mystery Book 3) by [Carr, Lauren]
Many of you know I review books.  This one and all of the books by Lauren Carr are 5 stars.  I am not really sure if we as reviewers are supposed to have favorites but I do!  Don't tell.  Check this one and all the others out! 

What I am reading now
Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery)
Am I the only one that recently found (introduced) to Laura Childs?
I love her cozy mysteries.  The first one I read was from her 
Tea Shop series.  Glitter Bomb is a fun read.  I already skipped to the end to read the recipes.  Cajun Food.  Yum. Yum.  

On the t.v.

I am thinking
I am glad to be finished with mothers apartment and being able to be home today (Saturday) for the first time in 6 weeks.

Dinner tonight
Pinto's and Cornbread.  Using The Cowboys method.  Hope they 
are as good as his!

On the menu 
Monday-Guacamole Chalupa's (w/leftover beans), Spanish Rice
Tuesday - Tuna Casserole, Salad, Bread
Wednesday - Dinner with M.I.L.
Thursday - Pork Chips, Scalloped Potato's, Green Beans
Friday - Fried Catfish, Baked Potato's or maybe Hash Brown Casserole, Cole Slaw or I might do the Mexican Cat Fish 
that I didn't do last week!

Last weeks menu-What worked what didn't.
Well about that menu...
The only thing I did get done was the Bratwurst but I did it 
on Friday.  
We did eat Chinese delivery with M.I.L. 

The Fabulous Party-Fabulous Features
Did you know I host a party?  You can link up your posts here 
or over at My Holiday journey blog.  Here are the ones that caught my eye last week . . . 

Carol at Comfort Spring shared a great post.  This one is well worth the read!  Click here

This is a great post about incorporating Art in a homeschool program. It is well written and very heart felt. I enjoyed reading it. 
Click here

My 'Ta Da' moment
Yesterday we finally finished clearing/cleaning out Mothers apartment.  I left the key in the mailbox.  Went home breathed a sigh of relief after unloading the car and I put my feet up and poured a glass of wine!  Done.  Finally.  Ta Da!

My 'To Do' list
Lots of things from Mothers to 'fit it'.  I worked on sewing room today I need to work on the outdoor room/green house.
Mowing the grass

In the craft basket
I found some yellow yarn in Mother's things so I started these. But I found a problem with the pattern.  Even had one of Mother's friends in TN.  look at the pattern.  I still plan to do them but need to figure out the mistake and work through it. 

In the garden 
Lots of new treasures from Mom.  A hummingbird copper wind chime.  A metal shelving unit for the green house.  Three different 
stand decorative trellis supports.  Some adorable metal edging with birds on it.  3 nice pots she had her caladiums in.  
Lots of plans for my new treasures!

From the camera
This one may look like the one I shared last week but it's not. 
I took this one last night while I was sitting drinking that glass of wine.  I managed to catch her sleeping.  I cracked up when I noticed how the throw is scrunched up under her!  She had a long hard week too!

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has known what God has prepared for those who love him. ~ 1 Corinthians 2:9
I hope your week is wonderful!

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