Sunday, September 30, 2018

Dinner At Grand Ma's-Sunday Supper

Do you have fond memories of  Sunday meals at Grandma's?
My fond memories with my family center around Summer Sunday evenings at my grandparents.
Stock photo found on Google
This isn't my family but it could have been the year is pretty close to correct.  This photo reminds me of my Grandmother covering the table with newspapers.  I had forgotten that memory till now!

I wish I had the fore site to grab the table.  But I was the youngest
I didn't get the chance.  I remember it looking pretty much like this.
It would be cool now days in a vintage trailer turned 'She' shed. 
Don't ya think? 

Maybe your memories are more of  Granny cooking

Sadly I don't have those memories.  I was 15 when my Grandmother (that is what we called her) died at 104.  We think. 
I think that's pretty accurate but she tended to add a few years.  
It was a little hard to be sure since she had a full head of hair it was jet black.  She knew how to use the dye!

Do you have memories of special things Grandma cooked?

"Grandma would be standing in front of the stove, turning cloves of fresh garlic in a pool of sizzling oil, and forever stirring her big pot of gravy"

Because my grand parents were older I really don't have a lot of 
memories.  I have many more memories of my Mother cooking. 
No photo's but lots of memories.  Pies.  She made lots of pies.

I love this saying.  There is always lots of Love coming out of 
Grandma's kitchen. 
I love the Goose Berry Patch cookbooks.  I don't have this one but I bet its a great one.  I love all the extras these cookbooks have.   The drawings are always fun. 

This is how I remember Grandma's Kitchen
Do you have found memories?
Are you making memories now?  
Lot's of memories are made in Grandma's kitchen!
Sometimes we all need that second chance. Thank goodness for grandmothers!

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