Monday, September 24, 2018

Happy Homemaker in Texas

It's nice to be here today
Joining Sandra.  She provides the prompts. 
I provide some of my own.

The weather
More of the same.  The showers are bringing our temps down. 
We're in the upper 70's a couple days of 80's.  I love Fall.
Do you?
On my reading pile
A few to share this week.  Some to review here.  Some to review over at My Reading Journeys . . . 
You'll see this one here
His Promise : An Amish Christmas in Hart County -  by Shelley Shepard Gray (Paperback) - image 1 of 1
A couple more I'll be reviewing over on the book blog .  I signed up with a new tour.  Not sure how sizzling these might be but I will 
check it out for awhile and see . . . 


And one from Read With Audra 

On the t.v.
Still not watching much.  The Cowboy watches MLB and High School Football now.  No NFL here.  We do watch HGTV in the evenings some between the games. 

And I am thinking 
I am counting the days till my life is back to normal.  I am finishing up cleaning out and sorting mothers apartment.  I have to be done by the 30th.  I hope I make it!  Then Thankfully I will have my life back!

Dinner this week end
Tonight Sunday we are having a Roast,Potato's, Carrots and Green Beans.
Last night we had Fried Catfish, Shrimp, Fries and a Salad

The menu
Hopefully I can stay on task this week

Monday -Seafood Gumbo and BLT's
Tuesday-Bratwurst, Fried Potato's, Sliced Tomato's, Squash Casserole
The Cowboy smoked the Braut's so good!
Wednesday More of that Catfish trying to copy Mexican style we have at a favorite eatery.  It has a Jalapeno Sauce and is served with rice.  I'll add Mexican Street Corn.  Yummy
Thursday - Almost the end of a long week.  What to cook?  
I am out of ideas.  I think I'll be 'winging it'!
Friday- Dinner "In" with MIL.  She has found Door Dash it's her 
new best friend!  Mine too!

Last weeks menu
Don't remember.  See I need to get back to my normal schedule!

On my "To Do" List
How long do you have?  
Finish cleaning the apartment.
Decide what to 'give away' keep and then make room for!
Finish Fall decor

My "Ta Da" Moment
Changed the chair covers in my Summer space to the Cozy Cabin.
Added a new Cozy Fall crocheted throw.

More Craft Basket Plans
I am so gettin' to Hobby Lobby this week.  I need.  Really need to make these!

In the garden
The Zinnia's are blooming again.  The Rosemary and Basil is thriving.  I am planning on potting up some of the Basil to move to the green house.  I sure would like to check out the nursery's for more herbs I can start in the green house. 

From the camera
This pic just cracks me up.  The Cowboy was sweet and moved Mothers chair (isn't it lovely) into 'His Room'.  He moved her t.v. too so she could have a 'sitting room' if she had guests come in.  
I am sure she will love the flag on the wall!  Domino is keeping her chair warm and cozy till she visits!


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