Friday, September 14, 2018

Favorite Picture Friday-The Story Behind A Favorite Picture

Welcome! I hope your having a wonderful week.  Today is the day that I share the story and a few of the suggested captions behind my Wordless Wednesday post. 
A favorite photo taken about 8 1/2 years ago.  I loved the way he 
is holding his foot!  I've actually posted this one before for a party a few years ago called Wit and Wisdom.  We shared a photo and 
wrote a story about it.  Here's what I wrote back then . . . 
 Momma said when I'm bigger I get to ride in a show.  
            So I'm waiting.   And waiting. And waiting. 
                           Someday I'll be bigger. 
I'll get to ride on that paint horse waaaaaaaaaaay over there. 
Well I already get to ride him with a real Cowboy hat. 
But I'm not big enough to ride in a show. 
I sit real tall in the saddle just like momma says.  And I click my mouth to make him go.  
But today I have to stand by this fence and watch everyone else ride.  I counted 10 horses.  And there are alot people.  Like maybe a thousand!  
After the show when everyone is done riding they are going to cook hot dogs on a fire.  I'm waiting for that too.
             Boy a boy sure has to do a lot of waiting around here!
Have A Great Day
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