Thursday, October 15, 2020

The After Party

 Hello Welcome to a new Glorious Day!  

It looks like rain here today but that's alright with us!

Today I am sharing the story behind yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post and a few more pictures too!

But first I want to share the post I planned for Tuesday! I called the post Tired Tuesday because I was just exhausted!

I ended up spending most of the day sitting at my sewing machine.

  I needed that time. 

My sewing/quilting is my  time to just chill. 

I am trying to finish the quilting on this quilt so I can hang it. 
I use contact paper strips so I don't have to mark my stitching lines

It's funny I had never given it a name. (I really am not very creative) But my D.I.L. wrote on FB she needed Art Therapy.

Here are the results from her Therapy session . . . 

I loved that.  And so on Tuesday I had Quilting Therapy. 

 I need  a sign for my door Therapy in session!

And so now with that Off my chest let's get into 

The After Party

After Party is about the Wordless Wednesday post . . . 

On my Happy Homemaker post I shared that I hoped the Cowboy would be interested in small outings I was super Happy when he agreed to go to the lake.

So off we went late yesterday afternoon . . .

It was Lola's first time. She has never been anywhere except for shots earlier this year and we weren't sure how she would be.

She was perfect!  Actually better than Domino who is very social and wants to chat and be everyone's friend human or K Nine.  She really does not know a stranger.  I had to manage her because the Cowboy is too unsteady on his feet.

He and Lola made a great pair.  Just look how she is politely walking by him.

Both dogs loved the outing.  They have not been to lake so they were not sure about the surf.

Until it began to get hot . . .

Lola figured out the water is cool and decided to just lay down!

We weren't prepared for wet dogs so the Cowboy had to drag her out! I am glad I got a photo to remember and share this moment!

These pic's of Lola trying to lay down is what I wanted to share because they needed the explanation it looks like she was being bad.  But she just wanted to cool down!

BTW I need to text my D.I.L. and asked why she needed Art Therapy.  I am sure they are o.k. but I haven't heard much from her the last couple weeks so I need to check in.  Time for a good long chat.

So that was our fun outing I am so glad we got to go!  And I am happy to share with you.  I hope your having a great week!



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Molly the Airedale said...

You had a great time with your dad, Lola! We love the cats in your Halloween quilt!

Eclectic Red Barn said...

I love your quilt. Those cats are great. How fun to take the dogs on an outing to the beach. Ours don't like the water. Glad your dogs do.
Congratulations, you are being featured at Thursday Favorite Things. I hope to see you there.