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Foodie Friday- On Sunday

Welcome to foodie Friday on Sunday!
I don't know where the time went the last few days.  But the good thing is you'll get a glimpse of the weekend Rustic plates!  

In case your a new friend I want to say Thank You for coming by to spend a few minutes.  My Foodie post about is the Comfy Homey meals I prepare for my husband The Cowboy and I.  My dishes are made with love and photo'd with nothing special no edits just quick Rustic shots.

The Rustic Plate held . . .
The Cowboy asked for Sausage Biscuits one morning. Here's his plate with an Apple for later for him and one for the dogs.
For dinner we had Chicken Tenders below at the end of this post you'll find how I make Tenders
The Cowboy really likes Spinach and Asparagus with Ranch or Bleu Cheese Dressing.  I had to 'Wing' it this time with Caesar Dressing.
And here's my plate.  Yes I really do eat.  LOL.  I rarely show my plate.  It is always waay more Rustic.  By the time I am ready to plate my food I am too anxious to eat to shoot a fancy plate.  I cooked my Asparagus in a little Butter and Bacon grease.  I don't like it raw.  And I am not a fan of canned Corn.   I passed and saved room for dessert.

As simple as it was it was yummy!  It was the Cool Whip that made it special.  HeHe.
Did I share this dish last week?  Photo's were still on my phone so just in case I missed them.  I did a  'Make Ahead/Freezer meal while I was cooking.  I had  thawed some Cat Fish  and it was too much for one meal so I pan-seared some for Mexican Cat Fish with Jalapeno Cream Sauce.  All ready for the freezer.  I'll only need to make a quick sauce and add veggies and Spanish Rice.
Here's the Cat Fish and Okra.  
Oh how I love Okra.  My plate! I had to take a pic of it I had a fresh Tomato.  So yummy.
I have been wanting to  To make Oriental Pepper Steak for so long.  It was so good but not as good as usual.  I used a Pinterest recipe because I was too tired to look for my 'Family Recipe'
For dessert Pound Cake with the Strawberry Glaze saved from a Jello Cheesecake mix.  Topped with Cool Whip. Yum.
I think one got a bit more Cool Whip.  I admit it was mine.
The Cowboy ate a little better this week.  I managed to get him to eat a Grilled Cheese.  The Bread was Spinach Parmesan.  Weird huh.  I really couldn't taste the Spinach or Parm.
I over heated the Tortilla again . . .
The Cowboy didn't complain.
Carrots, Onions and Red Bell Peppers to roast with . . . 
A Pork Loin I seasoned and seared really good so it would make a good Gravy.
Ready for the oven.
I made Mashed Potato's.  The Cowboy got his token 2 Carrots he dosen't really like Carrots. 

 Truthfully this meal wasn't as good as last time.  My roast was not nearly as tender and the Gravy didn't brown well.  I must not have put water in the roasting pot so I didn't really have good drippings for the Gravy.  

Tuesday lunch.  Mid Morning the Cowboy asked me 'Is it Tuesday?"  I responded "Why you want Taco's?"  They are on sale so I hopped in the car.  We love Taco's.  Easy clean up for me!

My photo's are out of order.  But I feel like I barely get my post done the new Blogger is still a challenge for me.  

Sunday lunch.  I was surprised he chose Chorizo.  He hasn't wanted it in weeks! 

And this was Breakfast which is why I was surprised he wanted the Eggs and Chorizo.  He hasn't been eating much.  I hope he is getting back to normal!
On Saturday I boiled a pot of Beans all day.  They really weren't all that great but they were done!  that is an improvement for me!
I ran some errands on Saturday morning and suggested I bring back burgers.  The kid Burger is just the right size.

One last plate of Red Velvet Cake.  I think this is the first pic. I've taken.  It was really good with Cool Whip.  Yes. I like Cool Whip.
And lastly Friday night I made the Deer Camp Casserole that we love.   This one is a family favorite I'll have to share the recipe some time. 

But today I am sharing how I make Chicken Tenders . . .
I just use Flour, Milk and an Egg . . .
I usually use 2 Pyrex Pie plates.  One for the Flour and one for the Milk/Egg which I mix together.  But my 2nd Pie plate was dirty so I grabbed a serving dish from Mothers Pottery I actually think it worked better because it was deeper.
The Breasts were really fat so I sliced and then cut the thicker pieces through the middle.
They cook better if they are close to same size.
The Cowboy bought this mix and has been wanting me to use it.  I don't like mixes but I try to accommodate especially now when he isn't eating much.
I only used the mix on part of the Chicken and fried it last so it didn't make the rest of the Chicken too hot.
I save the Flour for Gravy.
Fry till Golden turning often.
 I do love Chicken Tenders and like cooking them better than a whole Chicken.
I am a messy cook . . . The grease was too hot for the second batch so I took the pan off the burner till it cooled a bit.

Waiting for the next batch. Look at that yumminess for some good 'ole Cream Gravy.

The last batch almost ready . . .
Remember what I said about how messy I am?
Drained  and resting.  I laid the Hot pieces up and down and the regular horizontal. 

Fried Chicken Tenders a favorite meal.  What are your fav's?
Thanks for stopping in!

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