Saturday, October 17, 2020

Happy Homemaker In Texas

 Welcome to my Saturday Feature

Happy Homemaker

I am so Happy to be here with you today to share a few plans for the upcoming week and a few happenings from this week.  

It's a party Did you hear?  

 The party is over at Sandra's she provides the prompts but I add a few of my own.  HeHe.  

Let's Party!

The prompts . . . 

Something fun to share . . . I am putting this one at the top because I really want your input!  I am seriously thinking of starting a Cooking/Meal Plan/Homemaking Facebook group!  What do you think would you be interested? Leave me a comment! 

The weather here . . .

Delightful.  We had a few really warm days during the week.  It got to almost 90 I had to put a shade cloth on the Broccoli.  It was Shabby Chic I used a lace curtain!  I think though we've had our last hot spell.  It is in the low 70's in the mornings and only getting to the upper 70's in the afternoon/evenings. 

Outside my window . . . 

I was sewing and needed more light so I opened the blinds.  I could see the Flag blowing in the breeze.  I was Thankful I live in a great community.  One of my FB friends had her Flag torn off and broken it was on her porch! Her Marine son had put it up for her when he was visiting on a short leave.

On the breakfast plate . . . 

The Cowboy had the Strawberries.  The Banana is for the dogs.  We don't like Banana's

I am reading now . . .



My 'To Do List' . . . 

The temps are getting cooler.  The Cowboy is already under a flannel throw on the couch.  I need to finish the bedroom throw.  Get out all the blankets and throws and get them freshened up and ready for use. 

Tidy up my Green House room and decorate it for Fall.  I usually do a Cabin them and I probably will but I think it needs a few Pumpkins this year. 

Oh my Goodness!  There is a mouse in the garage.  EEK!  I do not do mice or snakes.  I have been thinking how to get rid of it/them.  I am afraid to open the Christmas boxes!

Do a better job of keeping the house clean.  I need to vacuum everyday and I don't. I need to get motivated!

 My 'Ta Da' Moment . . . 

I managed to s  get the Cowboy to take an afternoon and go to the lake.  It was a super fun outing.  

This weeks 'outing' ideas . . .

Go to the park/duck pond

Go to dog park 

Talk a walk on city's walking path by town hall.  

How last weeks menu went .

 I am glad to be adding this prompt again.  It's is kind of fun to see how I did. 

Monday . . . Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes and Okra

Tuesday . . .  Kielbasa, Fried Potatoes, Cabbage . . . I'll be making Gumbo out of L/O for later in the week by forgot the Cabbage Duh.  Stilling calling this a ✔

Wednesday . . .  Stew from L/O Sunday Roast.  Stew from L/O is ✔

An easy meal so I'll be making Gumbo for later in the week.  It is always better if it sits a day or so. 

Thursday . . . National Pizza Month Plain Cheese for The Cowboy and Mushroom Italian Sausage for me. 

Homemade trying the dough from Kroger deli  ✔ we were Blessed by a Pantry that gave us a Pizza. I put the Pepperoni all on one side and added Cheese

Friday . . .Gumbo and Sea Food Boil been trying to do this for weeks! In a pinch Taco's are a good stand by.  I did make the Gumbo but we tested it and well it din't make it to the L/O category. 

On the menu . . .  

Monday . . . Chopped Bar B Que from freezer, Onion Rings, Pinto Beans and Pickles

Tuesday . . .  Planning this I feel like the back in the day mom's that served the same thing every week.  But the Cowboy will eat Taco's and we love them so it's Taco Tuesday and well they are so easy to make kind of a break for me. 

Wednesday . . . Lasagne, Salad and Garlic Bread

Thursday . . .  L/O Chopped BBQ on Baked Potato's, Stuffed Jalapeno's

Friday . . .  Pot Roast, Potato's and Carrots  

This week we get our monthly Retirement  Income so may tweek things a bit since I'll be going to the grocery store for my monthly shopping


In the Studio (the craft room) . . . 

Hopefully finishing up a quilt.  I've done a bunch of paper dying since we had some hot sunny days lately.  I have my dying station in the Green House.  It is truly a multi-purpose room! 

Stamping images to use in Junk Journals and Prayer Pockets

Finishing up the Scarecrow's Junk Journal page for the FB. SWAP

and the Fabric Ribbon Tassels for another SWAP.  

Christmas gift plans . . .  Gift giving is going to be at a minimum.  This is super hard for me.  I love Christmas.  This year I am making as much as I can for the kids.  Everyone will get a quilted throw. I want to do some crochet for the girls.  And I am making prayer journals for everyone including the men and boys. 

In the garden 

I have to show you my Cabbage today.  It is looking so good! 

 I am wondering if it likes Cilantro.  I planted it where previously the Cilantro covered this area.  Hmm.  

I am hoping this week to find some more veggies to plants.  My trip last week was unsuccessful.  I really want more Collard Greens and some Mustard Greens.  I have a few more seeds to plant Lettuces and Spinach and another batch of Carrots to get started. 

 From the camera

My grandson got a job at a Farm driving the tractor for hay rides.  My D.I.L. sent me a pic.









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Molly the Airedale said...

Your baby cabbage plants are so cute! When the temps drop, the mice want to be where it's warm. I've had my traps set for a whole month already.

Luludou said...

ah! I found the comment box... couldn't find it the last few times, duh for me!
I too have an easy repetitive night of eating (and cleaning!), my husband loves grilled cheese sandwiches and it is on Thursdays!
The FB group sounds like fun, count me in.
I like your ideas for cozy outings.
Have a great week

Jean said...

We have tacos or some variation it seems at least once a week, easy and everyone likes them. Wonderful devotion for the week. Hope you have a great one!

threesidesofcrazy said...

So sorry to hear about your friend's flag - it's just so sad! I LOVE your inspiration. Hope you had a GREAT week - sorry I'm so late!