Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Titus Tuesday--T.V. or No T.V.

Today I am joining Darlene for Titus Tuesday a fun linky party about encouraging each other as Godly women.   As the scripture commands the older women are to teach the younger women.  To encourage.
Today I want to be open and honest.  And encourage you. 

A few posts ago when we were all writing about the New Year one of the things I said was that I was so glad for 2012 to start.  I was more than happy to put 2011 behind me.  It was a rough year for us for many reasons.

One of them being the lack of this. 

We spent from February to June with absolutely no t.v.  And, very little inter-net.  Giving up the t.v. as you can imagine was pretty difficult.  I really missed Home and Garden network and the Food Channel. 

But not having the inter-net was even harder.  Just for a moment girlfriend sit and think what it would be like to not be able to visit your friends blogs.  Or to write on yours.  Now that I have your attention let's switch gears and go back to the t.v. (We'll talk about the inter-net another day)

You see the reason that we didn't have any t.v. was we flat didn't have the money for cable.  Where we were living at the time cable was the only option.  And then thankfully in June we moved.  And we got t.v. again.

Still without cable.  This is what the picture looked like until we were able in July to buy an antenna or something so we could at least get local channels.

You may not think so but actually it really didn't bother me all that much because I am a reader.  I read alot.
I love to review books.  I love to read books from the library.  So, no t.v. really wasn't as much a burden to me it was Cowboy.

Once we got the antenna thingy we were able to get local channels.  Cowboy was happy when he could watch football last fall.  And we could get CW33.  Which was o.k. with me because I started watching
Hart Of Dixie and Ringer.  At least for a few weeks until I realized that those two hours needed to be spent sewing I had a quilt that had to be finished by Christmas.  BTW I didn't start watching those shows again.  I realized that in those 2 hours that I could do a lot of sewing.

Besides local channels we do have a couple of other channels.  One which has come to be my favorite.  And the real reason for this post. 

You see even before we didn't have t.v. we never really watched network t.v. we mostly watched Food Channel and Home and Garden.  And we would watch movies.  Usually rented.   We both just really are not into the themes of most sitcoms.  And all the adult cartoons are just trashy.  I don't know any other way to describe them.  The only other thing really left to watch is NCIS and although I would watch those types of shows Cowboy isn't into them.  And even those shows have language and contain adult very adult themes and scenes. 

T.V. isn't like it was when I was a kid or a teenager or actually a young adult.    Back in the day it was shows like . . .
Adam 12


And others like Leave It To Beaver and McHales Navy.  I love Lucy and Dick Van Dyke.  I remember
back in the day when a couple rarely even kissed.  And they slept in twin beds.  When mom's like June Cleaver stayed at home and wore pearls and dresses. 

I was glad when we got the antenna thingy and we found this channel

They show all the old shows.  All the shows that are wholesome and don't have words bleeped out.   All the shows that I wouldn't worry about my children hearing a bad word or seeing something that they shouldn't. 

I know that there are at least a couple of different camps when it comes to t.v. I know that some of you ladies don't even have t.v.'s in your house.  And honestly if it was up to me I would not have a t.v.

But I have to admit to you ladies it isn't necessarily because of the violence or language or adult content necessarily.  For me I just have other things to do. 

I realized when we didn't have t.v. that I could spend more time sewing or reading.  Or even cleaning.   I realized that if I didn't watch Ringer or X Factor (and it was hard to quit) that I could spend that hour reading my Bible.  Which is something that I have challenged myself to do much more of this year. 

Dear friends today I am challenging you to think about.  To ponder.  And to pray about what t.v. means to you and your family.  If your a young mother I want to challenge you to think about the amount of t.v. your children watch.  And, the content of what they do watch. 

And, I would love to hear from you.  I would love  for you to comment or email me. (

I want to pray for you and your family.  I know that many of us maybe are very careful about what we watch.  And we're careful about what the children watch. 

And, if you have already made the decision to not watch Ringer tonight (I think it's tonight. LOL) well why not just spend a few more minutes on the computer and go and check out the other Titus Tuesday posts I know you'll be encouraged.    Click here to go to the linky.  See you there!

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