Sunday, January 15, 2012

Read On Week Two Re-Cap

 How was your week Reading On?  I love this new photo.  I think it will be perfect for a Read On button! 
I would love one! Does anyone know how to make one?
This re-cap starts with a huge I am Sorry!
Yep I have to ask you sweet Read On girls to forgive my lack of encouragement on week two. 
My only excuse is I had a hard time logging on my phone.
But, the good news is I got the inter-net today.

I am Happy, Happy, Happy!
So from now on I'll be stopping over to say hi. I will be encouraging you and writing a lot more posts. 
I hope to write regular Read On posts and I am going to work on the Read On blog.  Stay tuned on that. 
And now for my Week Two Re-cap my week reading was pretty normal. 
I didn't read on the weekend which is probably going to be the norm for me.  We are just so busy.  Most Saturdays we are finishing up preparing for Sunday morning.  And then on Sunday we have church.  In case you don't know my husband (Cowboy) is a chaplain at a boys detention center.  I do the music for the services.  We love it but it is really, really stressful.  Usually on Sunday afternoon we come home have lunch and then just wind down.  Usually we end up having a nap.  So not much Reading On.
The rest of the week I did manage to read everyday a little.  I completed Ezra and Nehemiah.  Both books were amazing to me.  Reading about the dedication of both of these men is inspiring. I also read the devotionals in Men of the Bible it really helped me to understand what I was reading.  I think what got me most was there discription about how the 'people' kept falling away from God.  Makes me wonder why he puts up with us?  As I read I was sad that they just couldn't get it right. 
After I finished Nehemiah I decided to read Psalms.  I read 37 and 38. It was the end of the week and after reading Ezra and Nehemiah I decided I need something a little easier to read. 

Tomorrow starts week 3.  I am happy with my accomplishments so far.  I am taking this challenge very seriously.  But I am also not pressuring myself with this.  I guess basically because I don't want to expect too much of myself and then not follow through. 

I really need your encouragement and prayers.  So far I  have      
actually looked forward to reading.  Which is new for me.  I feel your prayers! 

I will be around much more now that I have the inter-net so I'll encourage you more. I do pray for you everyday. 

I am looking forward to hearing what your reading and how it is going with you.  Please post or email or comment and let me know how your doing. If you need specific prayer please let me know!
And, invite someone to join us! 
Have a great week . . .

 Read On
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