Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I Can't Grow A Bean

"I can't grown a bean."  Strange words for a mother to hear from her son that grows Blue Ribbon Tomatoes.
 I couldn't imagine why he was having trouble with beans.  He has given me tons of gardening advice.

Like how to get your 9 year old to help in the garden . . .

And how to line your boots up in a row . . .

And I thought well hmm.  I need to help him out.   Maybe, just maybe I can find some help over at Jami's.  Jami hosts a fabulous Garden Party every week.   Maybe one of her party goers can give some advice!

So here's his delima.  His plants get to a few inches tall and then those rascally rabbits eat them up!

Now his solution wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear so I am calling out for Help.

Here's a hint of what he intended for the poor little rabbits!

If anyone has a solution please let me know!

The younger garden and turkey hunter is a budding photographer  also . . .

Linking with Jami for the Tuesday Garden Party.  Click Here.

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