Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Sleepover at Sweet Cottage Dreams

 I have been dreamin' of visitin' my sweet blogging friend Becky and so I decided to get Daisy and just pop on over to Northern California and visit at Sweet Cottage Dreams.
In only took a nano second to arrive and here's what was waiting for us . . .

 Daisy was so happy to finally meet Mr. Dughall and Miss Fiona.  They were so happy for us to arrive!  They had been waiting hours and hours. 
 and of course sweet Miss Becky baked.  I told her not to but ever the perfect hostess she had to have something sweet waiting at the Sweet Cottage.  Yummy and btw here's the link to her post with the recipe. 
 And when she heard we were coming she decided to stop putting away the Christmas decoations so we could see them.    
 And of course I had to see some of the crafty things she has made.  Do you see a red theme here?  Yep she is a 'red' girl.  And very creative. 
 I love all the collections around her house.  Just like me she loves aprons.  And then finally we made it to the sweet guest room that is what actually lured me here in the first place. 
 And then we stayed up till the wee hours in the morning talking and talking and talking.  About this and that.  About sewing, about the dogs, about decorating,  about cooking and about shopping.  And then we finally decided to call it a night.  Partly because Daisy was so tired and she was asleep and snoring.  And partly because I talked Becky into taking me shopping.  So we went to bed to rest up.
After breakfast click here for her recipe.  We hit the streets.  And what a fun time we had.  I had been wanting to see all the neat places she has found.  We shopped till we dropped! 

And then sadly we had to go.  Because we really needed to get back to the real world.  But it was fun pretending to actually visit Becky.  And, you can visit too.  Just click here and be transported in a nano-second to Sweet Cottage Dreams.  And you know Becky if you let her know your coming she'll bake something!

And so we left our sweet friends behind and in a nano-second we were home.  And we found this photo waiting for us.
Dughall and Fi already miss Daisy! 

We had such a fun time on our sleepover.  Which btw was actually Friday night but Saturday Sleepover sounded better. LOL.  Anyway we had so much fun that we decided to make this a weekly thing.  And so next Friday we will be visiting another sweet friend.  It's a secret but we are going to Missouri!  And, maybe I'll get to stop at my kids too!   

Thanks for stopping in.  Have a great day.  And see you next Saturday!

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