Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Read The Bible --Titus Tuesday

I was still thinking about how I wanted to write my Read On post this morning.  And while I was thinking I thought I would visit Darlene at Time Warped Woman and check out her post for Titus Tuesday.

Funny thing she was kind of thinking the same thing today. 

I/we are thinking about those goals or resolutions or plans made for  . . .

My biggest goal this year is to Read the Bible.  You'll be seeing Read On a lot around here this year and on my comments on your posts too!  It started with my desire to Read The Bible.  The whole Bible this year.  And, I knew I needed help and encouragement so I asked some bloggy friends to join me.  BTW this is your invitation! 
Then as I began to write posts and listen to what some other sweet sista's were saying I realized that maybe just managing to read everyday is a huge challenge.  And actually it is for me too.   And so the idea of reading the Whole Bible may be more than some of us can wrap our minds around!

After realizing that I was actually even more challenged and excited . . .

It actually was a little liberating.  Because it didn't seem like such a huge task. 

I know there are some of us that find it difficult to find a minute or two for ourselves. 

And so, dear sweet sista's I give you permission to just read what you can.  LOL.  But just do it!
I would love for you to join us.  Whether your challenge is reading everyday a little or a lot. 
Join us!   I am here to encourage you. 

Please leave a comment on any Bible post or send me an email.  I will pray for you everyday.  I will send you emails and visit your blog just to encourage you.  

So if your considering 'throwing in the towel' on your goals for the year, don't do it!  go over to Darlene's for her great and encouraging Titus Tuesday post .  Click here.

And don't forget my invite to join us!
Read On . . .

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