Monday, April 18, 2022

Good Morning Tea Time Porch Sittin' & Book Suggestions

 Hello.  Thanks for joining me. 

Today we are sippin' Iced Tea on the porch. 

Before we settle in on my porch today  I wanted to share what I found . . . 

What a pretty porch.  Can you see that sign over there.  Summerville  S.C.   

Road trip! 
Bucket List

I sure could enjoy myself sittin' on one of those fancy porches.  

I thought today I would get out some ice and cool this one down

Isn't it pretty

Since company's comin'
I'm decorating the porch 

The porch is a perfect  place for reading and chatting about books.  

This Author friend has the same idea . . . 

I love this photo Laurel uses on her Newsletter.  Click Here to sign up for the latest news

Laurel writes sweet Romances like this 
And look at her Newest coming soon!  

When I think of porch sitting and books this is the series that comes to mind!  

I had a chance to do a little porch sittin' with   Lily Gayle's Aunt  Edna at Christmas time.  Click Here

It just live a perfect morning for porch sittin'.  Don't you? 
Grab yourself one of these great reads and come back and let's chat! 

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