Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Tea Time Tuesday


Welcome to my new late feature! 
My post is late this morning because I got into reading a great book last night.    

I finished it this morning and wanted to get my review posted.  I'll share the link below. 

Let's talk about Tea! 
In my cup today I am sipping this fragrant  Pomegranate  and Blueberry Tea.  I love the aroma. 
It is equally pleasant  either hot or iced.  I do add a teeny bit of sugar when I drink it on ice. 

Today I am sharing the sweet little Tea Shop here in Galveston. . .  

I saw it on our first trip into town back in June but it was closed.

I got a chance to go back the week before If I Had A Tea Party (click Here to follow  the October Tea Party posts) 

I had a fun time visiting the Tea Shop.  
The Fall window display  was charming . . .
It is  a little  walk up the steps. I wasn't  sure the Cowboy  could navigate  the steps but he  humored me . . . 
The shop has a large open space with shelves filled  with Tea . . .
In the back  a worker is measuring  and filling packages for mail order. 
Gift items and accessories fill every nook and surface. 

More fun Fall displays.  
I enjoyed talking to the clerk and telling her about my blog.
Well the Cowboy got bored pretty  easy and ended up outside.  My cue to wrap it up. 
But he was a trooper! 
One more final shot of the window display. 

I have plans to visit again soon. 
I would like to buy some Tea and have a cup with you each week here at Tea Time Tuesday

We're planning a shopping trip on Friday to look for a new Tea Cup.  

I hope you'll come back and have a cup of Tea with me. 

Before you go stop over at my book blog to read all about the book that disrupted my schedule 
Click Here

Have a beautiful week! 



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