Sunday, April 11, 2021

Menu Monday-Carols Soup Recipe

 Welcome to my regular feature Menu Monday. 

The day I share my plans for meals served  on the Rustic Dinner Plate.  

 Today as part of On The Road with Authors Danny and Wanda Pelfry ...

 I have a special treat a yummy Soup and Cornbread Recipe just for my readers because this Soup is served at a fun Eatery in Adairsville, Georgia. 

Tomorrow I will share a bit about Adairsville but for today here's the recipe and my weeks menu. 

Carol’s vegetable soup  & Southern Cornbread

vegetable so

leftover, diced beef roast 

Beef Broth (either from the Roast or Canned)

2 lb. Idaho Potatoes – peeled and diced

1 large, Sweet Onion – peeled and diced

any fresh Vegetables in season, or large bag of frozen Soup mix or mixed Vegetables

Small can of  Tomato Sauce

Worchestershire Sauce 3 tbsp

Salt and Pepper to tasten 

Instant Mashed Potatoes 1/2 cup

Cover bottom of dutch oven with cooking spray or olive oil. lightly brown Onions. Add 3 cups water and Broth from Roast or can.  If you do not have Broth, add 1 more cup of water and Beef  cube.

 Add Potatoes and 1 tbs. salt. simmer until soft.

 Add Vegetables. 

This is a good time to use any leftover cooked Vegetables in refrigerator, as long as they are not too leftover.  Cook until soft. We southerners do not like undercooked Vegetables! 

Add a can of Tomato Sauce and 3 tbs. Worchestershire sauce.

Add pepper and more salt if needed.

southern Cornbread

2 cups Yellow Cornmeal Mix

1 tbs. Vegetable Oil

1 e

1 cup water

preheat oven to 350 degree

Coat cast iron skillet with oil or cooking spray. warm in oven

mix together all 4 ingredients and pour into skillet. bake for about 20 minutes or until center is firm. whatever you do, do not add sugar.

My Menu Plans 

On the menu ...

Monday Something super easy since we have to go downtown. And we will eat lunch out. 

Tuesday Tuna Steak, Broccoli Salad, A cup of Chicken, Sausage, Shrimp Gumbos for

Wednesday Baked Potato Bar with Chopped Bar B Que and Cole Slaw from my Cabbage 

Thursday Oven Roasted Chicken, Potatoes and Carrots and Baked Beans 

Friday Beef and Vegetable Soup and Cornbread

Thanks for joining us today.  I hope you'll come by tomorrow to meet the Authors!

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