Saturday, February 27, 2021

Happy Homemaker In Texas

 Good Morning and Welcome to my weekly event.  

I link with Sandra.  She started this fun party and provides the prompts ...

The weather . . . 

Texas keeps you guessing on the weather.  We had snow for a week which is unusual then we have had Sun and then rain. 

But it is warming up. Yea!

On the breakfast plate...

Pancakes sound yummy.  And a couple pieces of Bacon.  

Easier and faster than Pancakes.  I just put Bacon and Hash Brown Patties in the oven then work on my post for 20 minutes.  Pop the Has Browns in an iron skillet with a bit of the Bacon drippings.  Put Eggs in another skillet and in just a couple minutes breakfast ist is done.

How I am feeling... It was a long rough week.  I am glad for the weekend.   I was super busy and didn't have much time for posting.

Something fun for me ...

I still put this on my post even though I haven't had any 'Me'...If I get a chance I want to go to the library and to Half Price Books 

On the reading pile ...

Reading this one now.  The second one I have read from this series.  It is an Inspirational Romance.
New to me Author

The To Do list...  

Oh that list.  It seems to get longer instead of shorter.

I really didn't get anything marked off last week. 

Well except getting Cowboy to Dr. Appointment and Dental.

And now we have a huge round of Dental appointments.

They won't do knee surgery till he has two teeth pulled, one capped and cleaning.  

I bought more seeds.  I hope to start some seeds in the greenhouse this week.

I didn't bring in my front porch pots during the blizzard so I need to buy a few plants. The porch always looks better with some pretty plants. 

 My Airplane plant and Ivy's froze so the green house is really sad looking. 

I'll be searching for some bargains to pretty it up.

Next week on the blog ...

Please come for Tea 

Join us for a Tea Party Tuesday  to Thursday.  Link your Tea Party Tablescapes and Tea Party posts.  Feel free to link archived posts.  I have alot of Author friends just finding the blog world that will love to see your posts!

My 'Ta Da' moment... 

Getting through the week

On the menu ... 


Cajun Shrimp Pasta, Salad and Crusty Bread


It's that day. 🌮's are great after a Salad day.  Using up that Lettuce. 


Need a new Ground Beef revipe 


Oven Roasted Chicken with Potatoes and Green Beans 


Kielbasa, Fried Potatoes and Cabbage 

It's a Potato week.  I have a big ole bag to use up!

On the t.v. 

We watched this movie last night.

In the studio... 

Today Saturday I have 2 Pink Junk Journal pages to finish and get in the mail tomorrow!  

And I have Happy Mail to get into the mail too.

I have no real new  plans other than my March daily.  I am going to do an on line study of Women of the Bible and use the daily Scripture for my March Daily.  

I also hope to go to the library this week.  I bought a Map if the U.S. to hang on the wall.  I want to print the covers of the books for my On The Road stops. 

From the camera....

Memories are fun.  He's 12 now. 

Scripture Devo...

This month I am following this plan.  There is a FB group also.  The Diligent Woman website has videos also.  

Thanks for coming over and spending part of your day with me.  

Have a wonderful week! 




collettakay said...

I love inspirational fiction. I want to get more reading time this week. Have a great week!


Jodi said...

Pancakes do sound yummy!! Happy Monday!

Sandra said...

Love Christian and Inspiration fiction, there are some brilliant ones out there.

I have to chuckle with your comment about the Texas weather, it's really crazy isn't it? Just wait 5 minutes and it will change hahaha

Have a blessed week.

Jean said...

Love that quote. Your fried egg looks yummy. Makes me crave one. Hope your week is going well so far!

Donna @ Modern on Monticello said...

So glad you made it through the crazy Texas weather and that you get a lot done this week - and take time to read. #HomeMattersParty