Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday
For today  . . 
. . . yesterday is past.  
Thankful God is bigger. . . 
. . .Since Oct. we have struggled financially.  A week before 
we were to move into the house we live in now the Cowboy got 
He got a job a week later but not enough hours for us to make it. 
We exhausted our savings by Dec.   
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We have struggled over and over and God has provided.  
The days seem to stretch into weeks.  

In an attempt to juggle bill's the Cowboy wasn't able to pay a
ticket he got because our inspection sticker on our car went out. 
It's a long story.  He thought he had till tomorrow.  

He didn't.
He was pulled over and arrested.
He was arrested in the parking lot of the resale story where 
we take our donations.  The give jobs to the boys in the prison unit where we serve.
He spent 8 hours in jail yesterday until I could arrange funds.
Our car was impounded.
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Two of my clients have advanced me the money. 
God provided through these two people. 
I am Thankful
I am working through all the emotions revolving around the situation.  

I am Thankful

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