Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I Love My Desk ~ Now

Yes. Now I love my desk.  Here's why. . . 
 :                           :
I am now surrounded by things and people I love. Want a tour? 
When we moved we began using my really ugly formica and metal
sewing table.  Not industrial or mid century modern just ugly.  

But the other day when I was cleaning and dusting I decided to rearrange and at least make it look a little better . . . 
I added the Faith Christmas ornament a co-worker gave me to my 
crazy cheap resale shop lamp.  That is actually so ugly it's cute.
At least to me.  Then I added my pretty gardening books.  
See the little bunny?  He is a painted rock.  And then a photo of my grandson and grand daughter from a couple of years ago.  
This is a favorite photo my DIL took when they visited a couple of summers ago.  Look at their faces.  Cracks me up and makes my day.  I love having them near me as I work during the day.  
A close up of the bunny rock.  My parents bought for me at a craft sale in Tennessee. 
My father and my grand parents.  He was leaving for the navy.

I've recently started drinking ginger tea in the morning.  I was told by a client it is good for your joints . . . 

Yes that is a Christmas tea cup.  And; I did just now take the photo of my morning cup of tea.  This is the only tea cup I have. So I didn't pack it away.  I enjoy my tea and somehow it just isn't the same in a coffee cup.  
My morning cup of tea, or mid day glass of Dr. Pepper, or evening glass of wine sits on this coaster.  Part of a set our daughter gave us for Christmas.  Someone made it for her it is a tile I think with a stencil or transfer.  

These are the things that sit to my left.  And on my right just a few things . . . 
More family photo's.  The bottom is our son and his daughter
(from the previous shot).  I think this is a precious photo.  
Above on the pedestal is the couple.   A snowy wedding day 17 years ago.  They celebrated the anniversary this past weekend. 
And it snowed again!  
Next to the wedding photo is the girl in pink.  She loves pink.  
I get a lot of photo's in the mail.  My DIL is wonderful about sending photo's.  I love framing them and keeping them out where I can enjoy them.  

So now I love my desk.  I've added things a people I love to surround me while I spend my days on My Journey
Do you surround yourself with things and people you love?
Have a good day

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