Monday, December 6, 2010

Prayer for My Daughter

As I sit and write this post my daughter is in a 6th job interview. 
This one with the V.P. of the company.  She has been going through this process for over 8 weeks.   The interesting thing is she is not totally sure what position she is even interviewing for.  She began the process just trying to get 'a foot in the door' with this firm.  Each of the different department leads that she has met have all asked the same question about one of her answers in the initial interview.  It seemed like just a normal interview question but her answer was a marketing suggestion so, we are prayerful that she is moving up the ladder and will be offered a great position. 

As I think of her and all the dynamics involved and how much she really needs this position I think about her faith and trust in God. 
I think about how she knows that whatever happens that God is in control and if she puts her faith and trust in him and if she asks for his guidance that he will answer her prayer and show her the way.

Her faith and hope is in her Father God. 

As I think of her faith I also think of the youth that I work with.  And, I am reminded of last Thursday evening.  I was doing an activity night at the halfway house.  I had arranged to have Santa visit.  It was a fun evening.  All the girls sat on Santa's lap and told him what they want for Christmas.  It was all fun and silly one asked for fried chicken.  But it was this comment that got to me.  I can't remember exactly how she said it.  But in a quiet whisper she asked . . . "Do you talk to God?"  Santa answered.  "Of course everyday."  Even more quietly she asked him.  "Would you ask God to make everyone happy in this house?".  In that moment I felt the presence of God in that room.   Another girl told Santa she wants a family.  Cowboy talked to her later and found out that although she has an adopted family in her anger and frustration she has burned bridges with them.  She is 18 and has no family and no where to go once she is released.  She told Cowboy she had been in and out of foster care since the time she was a new born. 

This was not the post that I intended to write here today.  And, I don't even know how many of you guys will happen in but.  I hope that whoever reads this will pray for my daughter.  And the girls and boys that we work with.   There is so much need in our country.  There are so many people young and old that need to know about God.    They need to hear of his great love and they need to know that they can put their faith and trust in Him.  And that they don't have to ask someone else to talk to Him for them that they can do it themselves. 

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Down On The Farm said...

Praying for your daughter. For God's perfect will in her life!