Friday, December 3, 2010

Book One Marathon Strong by Jim Daly

From the back cover:
. . . With warmth and candor, Daly relates narratives from his childhood and adult life, and from his international travels for Focus on the Family. He tells engaging real-life stories that, although seemingly tragic, demonstrate the constancy of God's grace in the midst of disillusionment. Without outlining a step-by-step program, he shares spiritual and practical Biblical principles that demonstrate how to draw on our only source of enduring, powerful strength.
Stronger shows us that we can find strength in our weakness and that we can always continue to grow in
character and maturity.  Through Christ, our brokeness is redeemed.  Through Christ, we become stronger.

The list of endorsements for this book is long.  From other authors to pastors to CEO's everyone agree's that
Stronger helps the reader realize that even you go through trials in this world you can rejoice because you can be Stronger.

I like this on the front cover : Trading Brokeness for Unbreakable Strength

Daly uses life principles and personal stories and helps the reader answer questions like:  Is God to Blame? Is he punishing his people?  Daly successfully shares the profound truth that Christ offers strength us all--not because we deserve it.  but because Hi loves us.  Unless we choose to live in Christ's unbreakable strength, we will live lives broken by bitterness. 

Check out the first chapter here

This is  a book that I am putting on my list to purchase for Christmas presents.  Check it out. 
You can purchase at Amazon and Christian Book (dot) com.

Go over here to check out Book Two in this weeks marathon.  And, you can win a free copy leave a comment on the review post to enter.

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