Friday, February 5, 2016

The Call Of The . . .

Wild?  Nope.  It's the call of the sewing room.  
My little workhorse sewing machine has been whispering to me.

And then the other day I was sitting down working on the Art Journal for my daughter and these teeny tiny little fabric blocks 
chimed in . . . 
They've been sitting in this cute little box for forever. (sorry this shot is blurry) 

I wasn't even thinking about them and then . . . 
Log cabin blocks with Kaffe Fassett fabrics and fussy-cut centers. Wanda Hanson, 2009, Exuberant Color:

I saw this and my heart went pitter patter.  But I kept telling them I'm too busy to sew.  And then this morning I saw this!
log cabin heart quilt- something different:
And crazy person that I am I realized I needed a heart quilt for Valentines Day!  
So the heart pillows I was thinking about making today. Hmm. 
We'll see what happens.  

I might end up making pillows.  I don't have a pattern for this quilt. 
I'm 'winging it' but that's what I usually do. 

Stay tuned...

Oh and this beckoned me too . . . 
What a pleasure it has been to share a month of sewing goodness with you. Today we deliver another designer guest post from Tamara Kate designs. You may remember Tamara from an earlier post where s...::

Oh soo many ideas!  Hope you have a Fabulous Friday!
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