Thursday, February 4, 2016

Over The Good Fences

Sharing a collection of a different kind of fence today . . . 

over the orange fence:

thetaillesseventer:  Such a cool jump! (x):
Great shot of Richard Spooner and Cristallo - very cool jumper jump too! #charleighscookies #jumperland #equestrian:
Cool cross country jump! I think this could be easily done by drilling big holes in a fallen log or even 4x4, then bundling cut grasses (I'd wrap the bases with floral wire) and inserting into the holes.:
And a simple and sweet one . . . 
Sunny Side Up   Age: 15   Height: 12.0   Breed: Welsh Pony   Sex: Gelding   Color: Palomino   Discipline: Hunter   Jumping Ability:...:

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