Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

The Weather . . .
The sun is shining.  It's a little chilly but it'll warm up nicely. 
It's been a very nice beginning of the year here. 

Right Now I Am . . . 
Sitting at the computer in the living room drinking a Dr. Pepper.
Daisy is at my feet the Cowboy is laying on the couch with his kindle. 

Thinking. . . 
I'm happy I am sitting at my computer at 9:12 in the morning and not on a job.  

On My T.V. 
The Cowboy has been recording movies.  We watched the Wind in The Lion the other night.  It had been a long time since we'd seen it when we were dating.  I feel old. 

On The Menu . . . 
I'm not making a menu this week because I'm trying to clean out my freezer.  
But I know today we are having Beans and Cornbread.  Had some mixed beans in the freezer I pulled out last night.  Oh and ham. 
We got on on sale the other day.  I'll cube some up and put in the beans.  

On My To Do List . . . 
Not working this week so have a lot planned.
Cleaning freezer of left overs/ cooking the leftovers
Painting some frames for Valentines Dinner
Planning and preparing for Valentines Dinner
Work on Heart Quilt blocks
Planting onions and Kale in pots on patio
Tidying, re-arranging etch.

In The Craft Basket . . .
I started this quilt on Friday 
log cabin heart quilt- something different: s
I made two scrappy blocks then remembered I had some fabulous 
pinks.  Got them out and got to sewing.  It's going to be pink. 
Don't know how many I'll make.  We'll see.    

Looking Forward To This Week . . .
Being home.

Looking Around The House . . .
It's about as clean as it ever really gets.  I do need to vacuum
but that could be done 3 times a day!

From The Camera . . . 
My dog is so hard to take pictures of.   She'll stand still for 
Chick Fila and a bowl of milk.  I had to laugh she left a little in the  milk bowl to go back and lick her plate.  Which btw there wasn't anything on the plate the chicken was in the box.  

On My Prayer List . . . 
Praying for Sandra

Bible Verse or Devotional . . . 

                                               Small is the gate and narrow is the road
                                                 that leads to life and only few will find it.
                                                                     Matthew 7:13-14

Shared this one on Sunday.  I loved the verse with this photo.

Well that's my weeks plans.  What do you have planned?

                    Have a Happy Week

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