Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sunday Morning Fences

I've been wanting to share a few fences for awhile.  But these are hard to capture.   
So one Sunday morning on the way to church we stopped when no one was around . . . 
                                Fence 3:
Great fence and some cool rust . . . 
                                  Fence  3:
It was a bright sunny morning.  I love the shadows.

And here's why these fences were so hard to capture . . . 

                                              Fence 2:
Had to wait till there were no cars around!
                                Fence 1:
                This is a very popular place for lunch and dinner!
And on Sunday they are super busy.  We had to hurry on our way!
                                            Fence 5:
If your ever in the DFW area check out the little town of Roanoke 
north of Ft.  Worth.  There are some great places to eat!

                                                    Image result for reno red's roanoke texas
The Frontier Cooking is actually steaks, ribs, burgers,cat fish to name a few.  They serve great big 'ole glasses of iced tea . . . 
Image result for reno red's roanoke texas
There are some great places to shop.    I'll be sharing a couple of shops in a future post.  

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