Monday, February 22, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

Updated I forgot In The Craft Basket
The Weather . . .
Rain predicted.  It rained some yesterday.  The ground was wet when I took Daisy out.
According to my phone its 53 and overcast.  (I just figured out it's on my phone. Duh)

Right Now I'm . . .
Listening to birds outside.  And the washer.  I put the throws from the coach in the washer first thing.
The Cowboy has been sick since Friday.  The sheets go in next!

Thinking . . .
Figuring out my smart phone is smarter than me.  I wish I could get it to do all the things it can do.  And properly!

On My T.V.
I'm not much of a t.v. watcher. (that's why I can read so many books)  The Cowboy usually has control of remote.  We watched House Hunters last night.  It was in Belize.  I think I could live there!  I love the beach.

On The Menu This Week . . .
My menu planning is not going well.  When I am able to have a menu it seems to help in the left overs dept.
It makes it a lot easier to remember when something was made so it can be re-served or thrown out.
I'm thinking about doing a month long rotating list of items that I normally cook.  And then fill in with new fun things to try.

On My To Do List . . .
Decorate Mantle for Spring
Clean sewing off dining room table
Reorganize the sewing room closet

In The Craft Basket . . .
Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone . . .            pulling colors and motifs together for a scrap quilt:
A little scrap quilt.  I'll name it 'Out Of My Comfort Zone'.  I can't believe I put all these colors and motifs together.  I love the black cat!  I shared the inspiration behind this quilt here.
Looking Forward To This Week . . .
Interviewing and getting job offer from Home school family.

Looking Around The House . . .
Doesn't take much it's little.  The living room just is.  The dining room table needs to be uncovered and the bedroom is rumbled.  Need to get the sheets in the washer next.

From The Camera . . .

Shared this yesterday on Sunlit Sunday.  Click here to see the post.  I took these a couple of years ago
when we took out daughter out for lunch for her birthday.  We had such a great time at the marina.
I hope we can go back this year and get more pics.  Last year the lake was closed because we had so much rain.

On My Prayer List . . .
Our sweet hostess Sandra
The Cowboy
The Home school family that needs a household manager (job I'm applying for)

Bible Verse, Devotional . . .

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