Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tomato Plantin Time?

Call me crazy but I'm already thinking about planting tomatoes!
Because The Cowboy bought me this . . . 
Image result for topsy turvy tomato
 Now I'm asking why myself.  Because I'll be planting on our patio which gets the afternoon sun and they'll burn up.  

But I smiled and said thank you.  

All the while wishin'  I could take a pic like this later in the summer
This is my kitchen window from a few summers ago.  We got the chance to live for a few years in an old farm house.  I loved that 
little house.  

And the garden I was able to grow.    It was a good year for a garden.  

My very smart son told me how to cut my tomato plants back in July and keep watering them.  We had fresh tomatoes for Thanksgiving.  He's so smart.  

Doubt I'll be able to duplicate that here on the patio but it's worth a try!  I may end up having to hang them on the front porch.  Won't that look lovely.  

Or maybe The Cowboy has finally decided to agree to move and he has a plan for moving before summer!  

I can only hope!  

Oh and if you happen to have any tips on porch gardens let me know!

Before I go I want to thank everyone for the prayers and sweet comments and messages today.  
Surgery went well.  He was indeed a little trooper.  2 months recovery and he should be back to Karate!
Home laying on the couch with the turtle that went through surgery too.  His t.v. remote, the quilt I made for last surgery.  And the kitten he took wrapped in his baby blanket.  He swaddled it! 

He's showing off the blue tape they put on his hand.  He loved that tape.    

He asked the doctor to save the metal hardware they were taking out.  He plans to display it on the mantle!

We're all smiles and Happy.  Thanks for the prayers.

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