Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

The Weather . . . 
It is absolutely beautiful.  It's a spring like day!  Thanking God for this lovely prelude.  Hopefully it'll last!

Right Now . . . 
I'm thinking how grateful I am for such nice weather.  I'm trying to get out more and walk the dog.  It's so nice.

Thinking. . .
About plans for the week.  Planning for Valentines Day Dinner

Looking forward to . . . 
Valentines Day Dinner.  We do an annual dinner for our daughter 
and our grandson.  It's a special time.  The come to our house.
I'm the chef and the Cowboy is the Maitre De.  The first year our 
grandson called him 'That Man' because he was in a suit!

On My Reading Pile . . .
Totally empty of review books.  Waiting for more. I do have  one Miralee Ferrell y/a book left.  This is a great series for young girls.

On My T.V. 
Not much just cooking channel
The Cowboy loves Oak Island
Occasionally a movie

Things That Make Me Happy . . . 
Not working.  Or at least not working everyday
Being able to make a menu for our dinners.

On The Menu . . . 
Monday- Pork and Stuffing in the Crock Pot, Salad
Tuesday- Chili Rellenos, Rice, Refried Beans, Salad
Wednesday- hmm how about a Quiche
Thursday-- Rib Eye, Potato and a Salad
Friday-- Chili

On My To Do List. . . 
Get all Christmas into garage and get garage back in order
Finish the scripture book I'm making for my daughter
Decorations for Valentines Day

What I Am Creating . . . 
Still working on the pink afghan actually haven't touched it since before Christmas.  Need to get back to it!

Looking Around The House . . . 
I see a clean/blank pallete.  Usually my house is a little cluttered in a good way.  At least I like to think it is.  My shelves are filled with books, nick nacks and candles.  The mantle is decorated.  The kitchen counter and table is decorated.  I'm living it all 'clean' this year till Valentines.  I think I'm starting a new tradition.  Less is more for January!

From The Camera . . . 

On My Prayer List . . . 
I've been praying for this girl at work.  She just keeps coming to my mind.  She is young and living with a boy friend and his parents. 
The are in their 20's she has a 3 year old and is pregnant.  There is 
so much more to the story.  I just pray that she is ok.  And that 
God protects her and the children. 

Bible Verse, Favorite Quote or Devotional . . . 

May your day be filled with Joy

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