Saturday, August 23, 2008

Then Sings my Soul Saturday

Then Sings My Soul...
One of my favorite things is worshp and praise music. I listen to the local Christian station whenever I am in the car or in the kitchen. I listen to the music on my cable package.
I think the reason that I enjoy this so much is because many of these songs the lyrics really speak to me and I can see them as a tool in our ministry.
The song I want to share today is Cry out to Jesus from Third Day. Below is a version I found on youtube. (don't forget to turn off my music list at the top of the page. )

This week I was working on a new project for the disadvantaged teen age girls that I work with. While working on a proposal and writing a letter to our supporters I was
reminded of one of the girls that I met last year and of a visit I made to the halfway house at Christimas.

Here's what I wrote in my letter of support for the new project.

"I remember last Christmas when I visited. One of the girls that is always smiling and cheerful wasn’t smiling. She barely looked up when I walked in. That wasn’t normal…this girl usually got in trouble for calling me over, or for stopping what she was doing and coming to greet me.
I watched her for a few minutes while I walked around the room and talked to the other girls. When I finally approached she barely looked at me. I tried to make small talk to get her to open up. When small talk didn’t work I finally flat out asked “What is wrong?” She finally looked at me and said she had tried to call her mom and didn’t have a current phone number. I didn’t know what to say. I reached out and touched her arm and said. “I am sorry.” I waited a moment before I added “I know it isn’t the same but I am here.” For a brief moment she didn’t respond then she looked at me and smiled. Almost her old self but not quite. She just smiled and said. “Thank you for coming to see me.”

This girl became very special to me while I had the opportunity to work with her.
She made a huge decision in her life. The decision to follow Jesus. She learned
that when she trusted Jesus that all the things she had done and that had happened to her she was forgiven. She learned that she can "Cry out to Jesus".

Then Sings my Soul Saturday has come to be a special time for me. Rather than taking away from it's message I have decided to change Daisy's post to Sunday at least for awhile. Since in my head Sunday is all about family and Daisy is so special to us and because the subjests of her posts are either my special family members or someone else's then I think it fitting to allow my guest writer Daisy write her posts on Sunday our "family" day.

If you haven't met Daisy please come back tomorrow for a special post.

We hope your day is Blessed and your Soul is touched. By the way you can read more
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