Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dogs on Thursday...

It works now Updated 5:22 a.m.Here is "our Daisy"

Blogger doesn't seem to want to upload photos nowPlease check back tomorrow hopefully I can add the photo's.

We just found the coolest new meme for all of us dog lovers and dogs. And so Daisy and I are joining the crowd and inviting everyone over to meet Daisy.
When we got her almost 3 years ago she was already named. She came from the local pound. If you go to my Sunday post you can read all about when I got her.

She is "our" dog now. Not just "my" dog.

My Wednesday post tells all about how my Cowboy thinks of Daisy even when I don't. It is totally funny because he didn't want to get another dog.

Recently he suggested that we change her name to Always because
she is always with me.

Here is another photo of Daisy which shows how she is always with me. No matter where I am Daisy is there. Usually right under my feet or with me. This is a photo taken in my sewing room on an old couch from my parents that hopefully someday soon I will recover and repaint to look shabby chic. Right now it is just shabby!

I hope you all have enjoyed meeting Daisy. Please come by on Sunday's and see the posts that she hosts. And meet some of her Doggie friends.

Have a happy Friday and come back and see our show and tell.
Sherry and Daisy
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