Friday, August 8, 2008

Daisy's Doggie Bloggy Friends/Then Sings My Soul Saturday

Welcome to our Saturday posts. Every Saturday my dog Daisy shares with all our friends about new friends she has met during the week.

Today we want to introduce you to a group of very special K9 friends. They are very hard working loyal dogs. We met them last Saturday when we visited Amy over at Then Sings my Soul. We were blessed when we read about them. Please go over and visit's how to find the post that brought tears to my eyes.
You can visit Amy and see her post. Her post is about the graduation ceremony for their new assistance dog. Amy has a link so you can go visit their website and learn more about special dogs like these.

I have always been an advocate for pets as therapy. And just seeing photos like this just warm my heart.

Please go over to Amy's and find out more about assistance dogs.

This week as I thought about the song that I wanted to share I was really leaning toward sharing a song that has been speaking to me for a couple of weeks.
But for some reason last night another song came to my mind. I was Blessed when I found Then Songs My Soul and have enjoyed reading everyone's posts. And seeing new Praise songs and hearing old hymns. All these songs have Blessed me. And the song I posted last week spoke to me. I know a couple of you that commented felt the same way I did about it. As Believers we are all enjoying this opportunity to Be Still and listen to what God has to say to us through the wonderful lyrics.

God kept speaking to me the last couple of days. About why I blog and what he wants me to do with this opportunity. And even though it is about me and journey toward growing closer to him it is also an opportunity for me to share what God means to me. And also maybe lead someone who is searching to find him. And so today I share a song that has spoken to me. I hope if your asking questions about who God is. Or maybe your wondering how he could really be who he says he is. I pray that this song will speak to you and draw you near to him.

God may be speaking to you . . . If God is reaching out to you today. You can decide today to believe in him and trust him. By believing in his son Jesus Christ and by praying a simple prayer you can receive love and forgiveness from him.
God wants to hold you. He is patiently waiting. Just call his name and he will be there.

I pray your all have a Blessed Weekend.

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