Monday, August 11, 2008

Simple Woman's Day Book The Afternoon Edition and August Declutter Challenge

Updated at 3:40 I added something to my post. I had gone over to Peggy's to read the other day book entries and found something I think it really cool. So grab a cup of coffee or tall glass of tea and enjoy my daybook entry and My clutter challenge entry!
I am really late writing this daybook entry. But it is such fun every Monday that I did not want to miss. Please go over and visit Peggy and see all the other entries.

FOR TODAY ...August 10th

Outside My Window...Shriveling grass. We need rain really bad!

I am thinking...that I am going to not worry about tomorrow and trust God to provide provision for us as he always does.

I am thankful for...that my Cowboy came through surgery and is home recuperating (the reason for my late entry)

From the kitchen...nothing till dinner. Yea. My kitchen is clean and everything is sparkling.

I am wearing...a Mission Makeover t-shirt (our ministry) my same denim shorts from last week. (I washed them!) and the same flip flops that I really shouldn't wear when I move the horses around but I do. (I guess I should have put that on I am thinking...)

I am creating...a Fall themed apron for a swap. A peaceful home.

I am stay home all week the baby is coming here so I can be available for Cowboy.

I am reading...Trust No One by Christiane Heggan. I started it in the hospital during surgery. It is a romantic/suspense (my favorite kind) it is so far clean.(I like that)

I am hoping... to accomplish getting closer to an organized house. And to spend some much needed time sewing. (I say that every week I know I hope your not bored) and I hope that Peggy's new meme works out because it sounds like so much fun.

I am hearing...the sound of Cowboy playing with walkie talkie's he figures we can communicate when I am outside of in another part of the house and he needs something. (I think he needs to get up and get moving around and back to normal. Don't tell him I said that!)

Around the house...the sound now of Cowboy digging in his closet looking for a different set of walkie talkies! I guess he is close to being on the mend. Praise God!

One of my favorite things...blogging and the wonderful people I meet!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:keeping the grandbaby Tues. and Thurs. and food pantry on Wed. and Wordfilled Wednesday, Show and Tell Friday and hopefully some sewing! And some scrapbooking. I hope to do Scrapin' Sunday this week!

Here is picture thought I am sharing... I just love this photo. I love rabbits and I think he is just so cute and cuddly!

Have a great week and thanks for reading my daybook!

August Clutter Challenge Day One

I found this really cool meme over at Deb and her friend Marcia cam up with the idea. The challenge is to spend this month decluttering our houses. They have some cool prizes, so go over and visit and read the guidelines and get started de-cluttering.

My de-clutter today happend on our front porch. We recently moved and we had this huge old wooden trunk that got dumped on it's end on the front porch. The leaves are beginning to get all dry and falling from the trees and they are coming into the porch. And, there were some wooden drawers(don't ask) ,a pair of my husbands sandles,potting soil and ant kller. And a huge rubbermaide container holding painting supplies. And the rugs which needed to be vacuumed.
So now after finding new places for all the above items my porch has a welcoming look to it
I didn't get to move the trunk but it is at least sitting upright now and looks as if it was planned.
I feel so accomplished thanks to the inspiration of Deb and Marcia. Go over and visit them and join us and de-clutter your home this month. It will be worth it especially if you win.
Have a great week de-cluttering.
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