Monday, August 18, 2008

Simple Woman's Day Book/De-Clutter Project

The Simple Woman's Daybook~18 and De-clutter project (read all the way to the bottom)

For Today...Monday, August 18,2003

Outside my Window...Rain. Yea God! And the cat hanging out acting silly. He was on the window sill so I tried to let him in. He came to the porch jumped on my trunk and stretched. He's still outside!

I am thinking...I will pray about and ponder what the Lord said to me this weekend about trusting him to provide.

I am thankful for...God has provided each time. We received a check last week a day before the truck was finished in the shop. The check was a few dollars more than the exact amount. I am thankful also for the patience God is supplying me so I won't worry.

From the kitchen...Italian herb bread and probably a roast with potatoes and carrots. Yummy.

I am wearing...You don't want to know. My hair is in a pony tail as always. I really would like to get my hair cut really cute. I am tired of this all one length and pull back style.

I am reading...another novel finished the last one it was good really clean compared to most.(lately I have been needing the distraction of a book) But I am planning on reading Titus this week and to dig deeper into Philippians.

I am hoping...that the plans I am working on for the ministry really are God's I am praying also for this. I need discernment.

I am hearing...the rain and a little quiet. Cowboy is snoozing on the couch with no sound on the t.v. (how do they do that) he had a rough night last night with his knee. He over did it yesterday went to church and Sunday school then had the kids over last night. I hear the peaceful sound of his snoring and the ceiling fan.

I am creating...a new idea for a blog but it is a surprise just yet.

Around the house...More de-cluttering but haven't decided yet what. The dryer top is clean. I already have the sheets in the washer and I plan to re-arrange again the end of the living room and move an antique table I have in the kitchen to a spot in the living. I wish I had a camera to show you.

One of my favorite things...My house, which is becoming a home. And the rain when it rains like this just a steady drizzle, it is peaceful and useful.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...same as usual but I am taking action on the plans for ministry and the provision of that. That is where I need discernment to know when to act and when to continue resting on faith.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you

Thank you God that I need these today!

Below is my De-clutter project and a pray request at the very end.

Below is part of my De-clutter project for today. I finished the dresser drawers and now I am working on getting all the pictures off and on the walls. I have collected all our small framed art and photo's on the dresser and today is the day they are all going on the walls.
Below is an adorable framed drawing my mother found in a craft mall. It looks like my precious daughter and two of her favorite pets. Please come back on Friday for
Show and Tell for more photo's from this collection. And come by Saturday for a follow up to my Saturday Then Sings my Soul post. This week is all about donkeys.

Before I go I have a pray need. I mentioned alot in my daybook entry about God's provision. And if you go back to my Thankful Thursday post last week you'll see my ramblings about the ministry. I am trying really hard to have faith. And I do but it is the provision part where I stumble. And the worry about the provision. I know in my head or is it my heart I shouldn't worry. But I do. I see a ticking bomb. I see the calendar pages turn everyday. I see the bills that have to be paid this week and there is no money to pay them. There is some but not enough. And so I ask all my old and new friends to pray for me. Please pray for provision. I share this with you for one main reason. I need to trust God. On a side note I ask this of you and share with you because the biggest bill we have this week is the cable bill. And, if it isn't paid there won't be any posts for awhile and we will have no phone either. So my dear friends please lift me up. I pray that if you are reading this you see my heart. I love my blog and I love the friends that I have found. I get encouragement and I really feel God speaks to me through the things that I read and see too through this medium. I also get a Blessing because I believe and I pray that God uses me and the things that I write as a Blessing to others. This is my heart.
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