Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A dog; A Cowboy and a peach/De-clutter project

updated Tues. afternoon:My De-Clutter Project is below

A dog; a Cowboy and a peach. . .
...what do these things have in common you wonder?
Sunday after church we stopped at the grocery store to pick up something for lunch.
As we walk through the produce Cowboy asks me to get him a peach. I am thinking this is strange. He said he wanted something healthy so I got him one thinking all
along that God is working on him and answering my prayers about eating better etc.
You know what I mean. I have the man that wants meat and potatos.
So I pick out the peach put it in the cart and tell him that I hope it is ripe. I don't care much for fruit myself. The fruit I eat you don't have to worry too much about ripeness. Watermelon and strawberries,grapes and an apple now and then cut up in a salad. It isn't just Cowboy that isn't too much into the fruit. Anyway I am sorry back to the story. Don't get bored because it is funny. I know you are already guessing. The dog ate the peach. Your right well Cowboy ate it but Daisy
ate half. Now here is the funny part. Your thinking we offered it to her to Seeif she would eat it. Wrong we knew she would eat it.
One day we were driving home and stopped at a fruit/vegtable stand. I was buying lettuce and Cowboy bought a peach and was eating it while driving. He knows how to buy a peach. It was juicy and he was slurping peach juice and Daisy sitting in the back set kept coming to the front wanting the peach! We ended up giving her a couple of bites.

Now here is the totally crazy part. If you have not read my Sunday post about
Daisy plese Stopnow and read it then come back.

Ok....are you back....Here's the funny part.
Cowboy bought the peach on Sunday for Daisy
I am tackling some de-cluttering again today. I hope you all have a wonderful day.
I hope my story made you smile. And if not go over to Amy's she's the wonderful hostess of Wordfilled Wednesday he Monday post will make you smile.
If not go back to bed and get up on the other side.
Here is a photo of the De-clutter project I am stillworking on from yesterday.

I am having the most fun with Marcia and Beth doing the August De-Clutter challenge.
For me it is a little different than most of you guys. I am not only de-cluttering our house but I have files and inventory from our mission that are now are our home. These are the files I am dealing with right now. We moved into a house that has less extra storage space so fitting it all in is definately a challenge.
My Cowboy never throughs anything away, and never files anything. I regularly find
receipts waded up in the console of the truck,in the dresser drawer of bathroom drawer. You name it I find receipts. He is an accountants nightmare. And currently I am the accountant! I have to resolve to have a cheerful attitude.
I have to lean on God to get me through some of the tasks!
So I am thrilled when I find fun ways like the August De-Clutter challenge!
Thanks girls for this wonderful meme and thanks for the giveaway too!
Smiles to All,
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