Wednesday, August 27, 2008

De-Cluttering Challenge--The Paper Edition

I love these really cool meme's. I have been doing the August De-clutter
challenge with Marcia and Beth and today's challenge was actually inspired by
Racheal over at Home Sanctuary. (another cool blog) Racheal has a daily challenge.
Go over and check her out for some cool ideas and cool songs to go with each challenge. She is amazing. He challenge was dealing with paper. And she used the song "Under a Paper Moon".
Well I was inspired to begin another paper project. I think this is the week for paper. The last couple of days I worked on my Cowboys receipts.
Today I tackled my own clutter. Interestingly I ran across a labeled filedthat contained receipts from our Wyoming and South Dakota vacation. The trip was taken to go antique shopping. I was really glad that I had found the receipts and glad that I had kept them. We have some things that we are holding onto and want the kids to know thier value. So I am going to copy all the receipts to keep in a file and store the originals with the items. I want the kids to be able to have an easier time putting a value on these things if they need to.
I have a lot of files sometimes the family makes fun of me because my files or so big but they came in handy just a few weeks ago when our daughter was writing a
resume about her horse experience. I happened to have receipts,programs and lists of all the seminars and training shows she had been to. So these things really came in handy for her while compiling that resume.
I am still working on my files but at least I have a huge start.
I hope that more sorting and de-cluttering inspires someone to take the time and do some things like this for the kids. You never know when things like receipts and programs will become important.
I had a great day visiting the WFW posts. I hope everyone else did too.
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