Friday, August 22, 2008

De-cluttering to Show and Tell

today I wanted to do this . . .

I had this wonderful Show and Tell planned. I even mentioned it on Saturday in my post. But the photo's that I wanted to post today I cannot find! It is driving me crazy! Below is a framed drawing that I talked about on Saturday.

I intended to share a photo that is the inspiration for the above. But I cannot find any of the photo's I had set aside!
So instead of showing the rest of this collection my Show and Tell will consist of this one lone drawing.
My mother bought it for us at a craft shop. The drawing looks a lot like my daughter and her donkeys.

And now for the rest of my day I'll be doing this . . .

My De-cluttering project for today is this. . .

I am going to organize all our photo's again. The rest of the house duties are going to be delayed.
No cooking, no cleaning, no t.v.,no blogging,no laundry. Get the idea!

Well all that probably won't happen but I can at least dream. We have to eat so I guess I will cook. And no one else is here to clean or do the laundry except Cowboy and he is still recuperating from surgery.

But I am going to attempt to get this project done if not today then over the weekend. That's three days devoted to organizing photo's and maybe scrapbooking a few and then joining Scrappin' Sunday.

Sounds like a good goal to me.
I hope everyone has a great Show and Tell. I'll be checking in on all of you.
Please leave me a comment. I so need the encouragement today!
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