Saturday, August 30, 2008

Then Sings My Soul ... I will not be moved

My soul is happy this morning and I hope yours is too. Every Saturday I participate in Then Sings my Soul.
Here is the song I want to share today. This song has been on my mind all week.
I chose this version because it includes the lyrics.

These lyrics have spoken to me so much this week. Because I stumble
I face heartache sometimes I am bitter.
Fort the last 5 years God has Blessed me and Cowboy to be able to serve him fulltime in ministry. And through these years I have faced these emotions and many more.
I/we have faced rejection,hurt,anger,sadness because people that we have trusted and have depended on have come and gone or let us down. Or out right
administered hurt. We have faced financial ruin in our personal lives.

But we are called by God to this minsitry. And through all this We will not be moved It is during the times of all the pain and hurt and through many other emotions; that we see that; we must be doing it right because when your right with God many times everything else blows up around you. We have supporters that tell us that we are making the evil one "mad". That is when we face all the struggles. The more difference we make in lives of disadvantage teens. The more we are attacked.

And as We are not moved we try to face these attacks with strength
throug Christ we lean on Phillipians 4:13 for strength and on Proverbs 3:5&6 for patience and understanding.

I am grateful for Amy Wyatt over at because of her wonderful idea for Then Sings My Soul.
It is amazing and fun and a great way to meet bloggers and find some new friends.

If you read my blog you'll know I am not too savy and don't know how to link. But I know how to google.
Just go to google and type:
Then Sings My Soul Saturday you'll get a whole list. Just click on anyone of the posts. Now when you find one it might not be the current post.
Here's how to get to todays. Go back up to your address bar at the top. You'll want to then go to your delete button. Starting at the right end of that address delete everything all the numbers and letters till you get to the end of .com stop don't delete the m or anything else. Thenk hit enter and Easey,Peasey you'll be at a wonderful post.

Go over and check out all the other amazing songs that the others are posting.
And thanks so much for coming over today. I hope that my resolve to Trust in the Lord and answer his call in some way ministers to someone else. And if your struggle with anything similar remember he is with you.
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