Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday Praising God

I have a huge Praise. And lots and lots to Thank God for.

My cowboy came through surgery fine! And was asking for food shortly after waking up!
I want to give God the glory because I feel like after speaking to the doctor that it was the prayers of all our friends and God's grace that they found no infection.
After multiple tests that confirmed infection today when they operated the infection was gone.

We had to post pone our program at the boys facility in the middle of the third week due to surgery. Last night we told them and some of the boys said they would pray.

We really feel like that now we can tell them that God answers prayers and this is proof.

They did find a small malfunction (that is not really the proper discription but it is late and I am tired) basically the artificial knee was not working properly causing severe pain and swelling. It has been repaired. And the surgeon is confident that if all goes well tomorrow he will come Friday. The recovery should only be a couple of weeks as opposed to 6 weeks plus an additional surgery.

So today I am thankful for answered prayers.

And I am thankful for all my wonderful friends that came to the hospital today to be with me.

And I am thankful for all my blogging friends. And Daisy's blogging friends that said prayers for our Cowboy.

To God be the glory.

Thank you Iris for providing this oppportunity to share what God is doing for all of us.

One more thing I am thankful for. I get to go with my new grandbaby to the doctor tomorrow for his 2 month check up.

Blessings to all and Happy Thankful Thursday.

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