Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday

Please visit Amy at The160acrewood.comFor a wonderful Blessing.

Amy hosts Word Filled Wednesday and there are some amazing ladies that participate.
The above is not a link because I still can't figure out how to do that.
If you can't get there from the above just google it. I just love google. But
you might also try goodsearch. There is a link on my sidebar. I use Goodsearch because our ministry can get money from them for searching. Check them out please
and speaking of my ministry. If your interested email me and I'll tell you about how you can help our ministry through goodsearching.

This is what I am doing today and why I usually don't
post on Wednesday. Besides Amy does a marvelous job.

Actually this is a poster for a food drive. Every Wednesday I go to our local food bank to purchase food that our ministry distributes. Every week we fill 25 groceries sacks and distribute them to 25 different families that have teenagers that are on parole in our city. I am not a math person but if you do the #'s that is a lot of people. I don't say that to toot my own horn at all. I make the point only so you will notice how much need there is. And how many kids
there are out there that are in trouble.

So today while your surfing and visiting all the WFW blogs and seeing all the amazing scripture that is illustrated would you think about me and the ministry and all the kids that we are trying to reach.

Have a Blessed day. Oh and come back later for the August De-clutter challenge.
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