Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thankful Thursday/DeClutter project

I posted this photo late last night after going over to Amy's to see the rest of the
WFW posts.
Amy had written asking for prayer for her and the family. They lost the family dog yesterday. Please go over and give her a hug today. If you don't know Amy she does the amazing Wordfilled Wednesday meme. Just type Wordfilled Wednesday in google
and will pop up or just type it should work.

My thankful list begins with Special Friends like Amy at
sorry this still isn't a link I did try what a couple of people suggested last night and it didn't work. This post will be in my dummies at blogging label for sure!

I am thankful for Blogging because it is through blogging that I
have found some new friends. Girls that encourage me. Girls that God speaks through. If you guys do not know it; you rock in many ways but especially by allowing God to speak through you. Together we can change the world one little blog at a time!

I am thankful for my printer/scannerI know that sounds silly. But
come by tomorrow for Show and Tell hosted by Kelli to see why I am
so thankful for my printer/scanner.

I am thankful that God is so loving and caring and so smart. You know; wow when you just think of what all he has done and is doing. And he is just in the middle of
all we do. Even when things are crazy he is in control. And if we just take the
time to look at his word he will speak to us and calm all the craziness. All I can
say is wow.

And another reason that I am thankful for God is because he is the one that brings us
all together here. That is just cool. We all get together and get to know one another because we all are so Thankful for the amazing things he is doing for us and in us.

I am thankful too that he gives me opportunities to see his love and he continues
to provide for us and the ministry.

I am thankful for Marcia and Beth that came up with the idea of August DeClutter Challenge and so that being said here is what I am decluttering today.

My kitchen cooking utensils. How many wooden spoons,plastic spoons and knives do you have in the drawer probably by the stove? Well I have too many.
So today I am going to purge that drawer and get rid of the ones I haven't used in
I don't know how long. I caught myself last night tearing the kitchen apart it seemed looking for one specific item. Tongs. Not just any pair of tongs. The Tongsso why do I have 3 pairs. When I only like one of them?
So after today The Tongs little buddies will be finding new homes hopefully someone will appreciate them more than me.

And tomorrow my project is going to be condimentsHow many condiments do you have?

I may not know how to link yet but I am getting pretty good at Bolddon't ya think? HeHe


Carla said...

AMEN!! You go BOLD girl!

Amydeanne said...

awww you've made me cry. You are such an amazing friend. Thank-you!