Saturday, November 12, 2022

Happy Homemaker in Texas


The weather

Cool and super windy. says it was 46 this morning.  Not sure it was that cold but I was glad I grabbed a hoodie.  I hurried the dogs along.  They didn't mind! 

We will have some rain and clouds and chilly mornings this week. 

Afternoons won't get to 60.  Brr! 

As I look out my window 

A few Palms lost thier leaves?  I am not sure what they are.  Are they leaves? It is like part of trunk. So maybe not leaves. 

So I guess it is the Frond but the Stem is as long as the tree is tall! 

It is really super windy.  So my plants on my porch are getting tossed around and over.  

I had to bring 1 pot in.  I bought Basil yesterday at Home Depot I had brought it in last night!  I am glad I did! 

Right now I am 

Glad to be sitting by the Cowboy at 10:45 in the morning.  He is drinking coffee and messing around on his phone.  

Update at 1:48 he is still in his chair

He has not gone back to bed today. 

Thinking and Pondering 

Hmm.  My mind  is filled with thoughts of holidays and family. 

Encouraging Women the FB group I am mentoring.  

My crochet project.  I am itchin' to finish this post and get to it.  

Opps I couldn't get pics to load so I stopped on the post and crocheted abit.  It is 1:50 now! 

How I am feeling 

Good.  My body isn't sore today.  Lately I have had some back pain and sore muscles.   A little ibuprofen does the trick. 

On the Breakfast/Lunch plate plate 

On the dinner plate

I think tonight I will make Frito Pie from L/O Chili I made the other night. 

What I am wearing 

My dog walking pants and a cami

On my reading pile 

I am reading now 

I got this one last night and skipped past the others.  

Don't tell! 

On my TV this week 

Found a new show on Magnolia Network . . .

  La Pitchoune: Cooking in France

 The List Kitchen is back!  

We watched Beat Bobby Flay

I watch Guys Grocery Games while He naps. 

He watches sports. 

On the menu 

Monday L/O Corned Beef Brisket.  I brined it myself.  We bought a Brisket on sale.  It came out great! 

Tuesday Well I want Tacos!  


Cajun Lasagna I saw it on Pinterest.  Basically it has Andouille Sausage and Ground Turkey.  

It will go good with Fridays meal


White Pizza been wanting to make for months!  I got fresh Basil for it! 


His birthday.  Seafood Gumbo made by our neighbor who caters. 

L/O Cajun Lasagna 

Looking around the house. 

A mess.  I need to get to that To Do List. 

I wish I could show you the sweet video my daughter posted on FB.  The 18 month old has been sick.  The 14 y.o. straightened up the living room.  Lined up all the babies shoes.  Displayed the toys.  

It was really cute.   Here is a picture of the 14 y.o. 

This was 2 years ago.  He is 14 now. 

He told his mom the other dad he thinks God is calling him to be a missionary.  

Be still my heart! 

To Do List 

As much as I like the counter peninsula in the kitchen there are days I want to blow it up!  

Clean peninsula

Finish last night dishes 

Clean Ceiling Fan 

I want to get everything off all the counters.  So a little rearranging in cabinets

Go to Tuesday Morning.  I have a list.

Go to Walmart to look for Herb's or the 1 and only Green House on the island 


From the camera 

Lola wonders what the heck is going on when I pull back the blanket and lay my crochet on the sheet.  


Thanks for joining me today. 

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Luludou said...

Love the pictures of your grandson, they grow up so fast. Your breakfast looks soo good. Have a great week

Allyson @ Southern Sunflowers said...

You're so organized having your weekly meals planned. I usually don't decided until a couple of hours prior lol. Thanks for sharing at the Home Matters Party.