Friday, October 11, 2013

5 Minute Friday "Ordinary"

Joining Lisa Jo for 5 Minute Friday . . . writing with a topic for a straight 5 minutes.  No thinking. No backtracking.  No spell check,

Ordinary there is nothing ordinary about the amazing love God has for us.   I am in awe of His patience and His love.  There is nothing ordinary at all about God.  It's amazing to thing think of His extraordinary creation(s).  Sometimes I just think about how smart he is! 

He hasn't given me an ordinary life.  He has given me a life of excitement and amazing things.  A life filled with his love.  Even when I am down or depressed.  I remember His extraordinary love. 

I realize I am not ordinary.  I am special because I am His child.
You are special also.  Even if we don't feel very special.  Even if we feel we are only ordinary the truth is we are really not. 

We are extraordinary!

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1 comment:

S said...

This is such a sweet message! I love your faith behind it, that God isn't ordinary & because we are His, neither are we. I found you through the Five-Minute Friday challenge! :)