Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wednesday Filled With Words

It's been awhile since I have had a chance to post my regular Wednesday theme.
I love Wednesday because it is a day I am just 'wordy' I share what is going on with me and I share some great illustrations of God's word.  And a little of what he is sharing with me. 
 I like Wednesdays because I can talk and talk and talk and tell you all that is on my mind . . .
 I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest looking for DIY house decorating ideas.  And finding really cute photo's like this.

 I am already thinking about Christmas.  It isn't far away  . . .
I am praying that we are in a new apartment or house by Thanksgiving. 
This pic reminds me of my day.  Today I started a new job.  I am working at a Christian Pre-school assisting with the 3 year olds.
When the lead teacher started to serve snacks I asked her about praying.  I was a little surprised and a little sad that she doesn't say a prayer with the children.  

I pray that God will use me in my new place of employment. 
I pray for the sweet boys and girls and their families and my new co-workers. 

I am thankful God gave me this job. 

Do you have a list of things your thankful for?  Or maybe something that you need God to take off your shoulders? 

I am thankful God is 'into' the small things.  All those things that hurt us.  All those frustrations and ?'s.  All the times we doubt.

He listens. 

That's really cool.  Did you realize that we are that Blessed?


Denise said...

So happy that you found a new job. Praying you find a new apartment soon, love you.

Jeannie and Linda said...

Congrats on the new job! I know you will be a blessing to all around you! You should share your posts in parties so more people can enjoy your blog!

Linda at The French Hens Nest